Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO of the R&D Ribitzky group, Ron is focusing on serving the interests of the entire enterprise, accelerating pragmatic innovation to value, and driving Return-on-Adoption for our clients.

Ron brings extensive cross-functional C-level experience as Sr. Healthcare Strategist and Worldwide Marketing Campaign Manager at Intel, Research Fellow at Harvard, Semantic Integration Team Lead at SAIC / Kaiser Permanente, and CIO at University of Massachusetts Medical Center, among others.

His global experience gained through serving  and working for leading global brands and world-class organizations, startups, R&D, and academia in 24 developed and emerging economy countries offers highly differentiated value to our clients.

Member of HIMSS Blockchain Task Force, HIMSS19 Blockchain Symposium Planning Committee, HIMMS18 and HIMSS19 Reviewer & Mentor Precision Medicine & Genomics Track.

Proudly based in Newton, MA USA


Ron Ribitzky, MD

Ron Ribitzky, MD

Capital Markets Practice Lead

Former Spinal Surgeon with extensive Venture Capital and consulting experience throughout the funding cycle to exit. Technology inventor, entrepreneur, mentor and coach of cross-industry legacy, blockchain, and growth projects. Managing investments and portfolios of Life Sciences, IT, FinTech, and Medical Device sectors totaling over $60M in annual revenues. 

Alex performed screening and due diligence of 1,200+ projects, and participated in different capacities in 130+ successful venture rounds. He organized, served as a jury, or participated in 75+ Pitch Competitions around the world.

Proudly based in Washington, DC USA


Dr. Alex Kosik, MD

Dr. Alex Kosik, MD

Market development practice lead

Technology marketing expert at solving complex market- and business development challenges with clearly defined strategies that drive growth. Experienced strategic planning, market development, and leadership skills including Intel, Intel/GE Care Innovations, and HP, among others. M.S., Organizational Communications and Public Relations; B.S., Business Administration, Marketing.

Proudly based in San Francisco, CA USA


Ray Solone, M.S.

Ray Solone, M.S.

Asia Pacific Practice Lead

Experienced Asia-region executive that fosters cross-border business and promotes growth for companies in Digital Health and Elderly Care. Steven is an internationally experienced, highly results-driven technology & business executive. Established regional credibility working for and with Multi-National Corporations Intel, HIMSS, Accenture, and TÜV SÜD, among others. Proven track record in driving new business setup, business development and association management.

Proudly based in Singapore



User Experience & creative practice lead

Cross-functional, multi-disciplinary hands-on, User Experience (UX) and Visual experience (VX) critical thinker, creative designer and engineer. Extensive experience designing and prototyping complex, enterprise-class analytics, clinical, administrative, and financial information technology solutions. 

Proudly based in Vancouver, BC


Steve Rebiffe

Steve Rebiffe

Digital Media & Events Practice lead

Co-Founder & Chief Editor of East-West Digital News, General Manager at Blockchain Connectors. 20 years of experience in digital & mobile media, international communication strategies, and venture investment in France and Eastern Europe. Advisor to a variety of startups, funds and other organizations. Fluent in French, English, Russian language and culture.

Proudly based in Paris, France


Adrien Henni

Adrien Henni