Presonalized Predictive Analytics


Global Data Supply Win

Big-data machine-learning cluster analytics startup founded to develop long term care predictive analytics, personalized care plans. and outcomes measurement products and services for the public and private sectors worldwide.

The Challenge

This predictive analytics startup engaged R&D Ribitzky for help with global research network partnering  

The Strategy

  • Design a global collaborative research, development, and commercialization program with specific Gives & Gets for all key stakeholders
  • Design an all-win IP ownership and sharing strategy 
  • Negotiate a worldwide exclusive data supply contract 

The Work Product

  • Program definition
  • Term sheet
  • Agreement

The Win

Multi-year global exclusive data supply and Joint Go To Market (JGTM) contract

Patient Experience & Clinical Performance Analytics


Private Equity backed Startup

Clinical, financial, and patient experience Action Analytics project backed by Symphony Technology Group (STG) incubated at Symphony Health Solutions  

The Challenge

Transform investor pitch to demonstrable use case app prototypes, detailed technology strategy, and sales collaterals 

Illustrate feasibility of integration across M&As, multi-source fragmented data streams, and new product development  

The Strategy

Develop high fidelity UX prototypes, solution architecture, and sales presentation for the envisioned GA product set   

The Work Product

High-fidelity UX prototypes for cross-functional, multi-venue, enterprise-class workflow scenarios end-to-end for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Referral Management. 


  • Integrated analytics across mandated and custom reporting of clinical, financial, and patient experience KPIs 
  • Executable action plans
  • Multiple inbound data streams

The Win

Private Equity firm funded Symphony Performance Health (later rebranded as SPH Analytics) serving the provider, payer, 

SPH Analytics acquired  Voyance Health, MDdatacor, IndiGO (Archimedes business Unit) and The Myers Group; and merged with Morpace Health Division 

$85M National Clinical information system Win


Kaiser Permanente NCIS

SAIC's client Kaiser Permanente (KP) has set out to build an integrated, cohesive national clinical information system (NCIS) with help from multiple software vendors and service contractors.

The Challenge

KP issued a two-week, three-track RFP seeking to consolidate the NCIS project under a single systems integration contractor.

The RFP called for:

  • Clinical Scenarios UX proposal
  • Technology proposal to implement them
  • Business proposal to achieve both

Ten clinical scenarios specified increasingly complex patient, population, co-morbidity, and provider situations that evolved from a single visit to multiple encounters over short and long term periods.   

The Strategy

SAIC engaged R&D Ribitzky to lead a cross-functional Clinical Scenarios UX Track team: 

  • Clinical Documentation app provider (Oceania)
  • Drug Reference & Decision Support solution provider (First Data Bank)
  • Clinical Data Warehouse solution provider (Oacis; acquired by Oracle)
  • Systems Integration & Program Management Office (SAIC)

The Work Product

  • User-centered story-telling strategy
  • Ten enterprise class, national scale, multi-venue, longitudinal high-fidelity UX prototypes 
  • Sales presentation for a two-day review by KP's National Clinical Steering Committee 

The Win

SAIC won $85M contract for a National Electronic Health Record (EHR) pilot

The Commercial Healthcare business unit adopted the Clinical Scenarios UX team’s playbook



National Cardiovascular Data Registry

American College of Cardiology's (ACC) National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR) was created as an exploration into strategies for improving cardiovascular care through the use and application of clinical data.

The Challenge

A software development SMB engaged R&D Ribitzky to help it win a competitive bid against a major systems integration corporation on ACC's outsourcing RFP to design, build, implement, market, and run NCDR's operations

The Strategy

Establish credibility and trust in the SMB's highly differentiated cross-functional clinical, operations, and medical informatics expertise 

The Work Product

Strategically superior proposal and communication throughout the bidding cycle

The Win

R&D Ribitzky's SMB client won ACC's NCDR outsourcing contract 

To date, the world’s top cardiologists are using the NCDR and join a global community of cardiovascular professionals committed to providing quality care and improving patient outcomes.



USTDA Ministerial eHealth Workshop

U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has set out to organize a three-day ministerial-level eHealth workshop for East Africa community nations in Kigali, Rwanda.

Linking U.S. businesses to global Infrastructure opportunities, USTDA helps companies create U.S. jobs by funding project preparation and partnership building activities that develop sustainable infrastructure and foster economic growth in partner countries.

The Challenge

Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU) engaged R&D Ribitzky to provide subject matter expertise required to bid on USTDA's RFP 

The Strategy

Establish credibility and trust in BCIU's highly differentiated expertise in global eHealth 

The Work Product

Superior proposal founded on broad and deep theoretical and experiential eHealth knowledge, educational program design, and cross-functional curriculum development 

The Win

BCIU won USTDA's contract to design, organize, and produce a three-day ministerial level eHealth workshop in Kigali, Rwanda

Ministers of Health, Public Health, and ICT  and their staff from the six country East Africa member nations Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda were joined by select private sector ecosystem players.