Serving the Healthcare IT and Life Sciences Informatics ecosystem throughout the product and Go-to-Market lifecycle

Investor Services

Looking for a highly-differentiated world-class, expertly-compelling service executed with precision in a budget-conscious, risk-sharing manner? Contact us


We offer competitive investor value gained by:

  • Blind Spot prevention & early detection
  • Aligning and convening clinical, science, technology, business, marketing, sales, and ecosystem partners throughout the investment cycle
  • Risk sharing

The scope of engagements spans from qualifying investment leads to due diligence, valuation, segment opportunity analysis, product and Go-To-Market strategy and roadmap development, technology strategy, use of funds, board oversight, operations, and Return on Adoption

For Entrepreneurs

Got your UX story right?… Interoperability is ‘Check’?… Ecosystem ready to roll?… Fantastic. We’d love to bring investors your way. Perhaps prospects too.


Otherwise… we offer entrepreneurs highly differentiated, world-class capabilities served in an expertly-compelling, budget-conscious manner.

These include:

  • EBS (Entrepreneur Blind-Spot) early detection and prevention!  That’s the advisory part…
  • Bringing together clinical, science, technology, business, marketing, sales, and ecosystem partners throughout the product cycle. Translate: this is the action part… helping you from investors pitch to Product Management augmentation, UX prototyping, technology strategy, commercialization, market development, marketing and sales support, and ecosystem drive
  • Risk sharing option

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Healthcare Providers

Getting Return on Adoption? Translate: next gen ROI… Successfully transitioned from ‘Actionable’ to ‘Action’ Analytics?… Semantic interoperability is working for you?… 
AWESOME. We’d love to talk to you about leveraging all this IP for Precision Medicine. Probably for AI as well.


Otherwise, we can help you get there.

We offer world-class, expertly-compelling services executed with precision in a highly-competitive, budget-conscious manner.

We may even consider doing it on a partner risk sharing basis. Contact us.

User Experience (UX)

Because UX is about how it works for the user.


We’re the only consultancy that brings all of it together:

  • User Centered Design, creative UX, and full prototype-to-product lifecycle management
  • Clinical experience, healthcare operations, and life-sciences domain knowledge
  • World-class informatics and global experience in enterprise-class healthcare IT

We’re passionate about designing information technology solutions that Economic Buyers will buy and intended users will use to create value both short and long term.

We leverage lean startup practices with proven market and product development methodologies and develop project management frameworks to take mystery out of achieving desired objectives.

We’re as passionate about helping information technology suppliers bring to market highly differentiated solutions at shorter Time To Market (TTM) and lower Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) to drive economic performance and market superiority.

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Covering the spectrum from predictive AI to prescriptive, real time, and retrospective action analytics.

Driven to help our clients solve worth-pursuing problems through key questions:

  • How are we doing?
  • What can we do about it?
  • How do we know it works?

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Semantic Services


Translate: Semantic Services Framework (SSF) to achieve Return on Adoption by:

  • Eliminating ambiguity of what data in legacy databases and health information exchanges means
  • Extracting semantically vetted facts from unstructured data
  • Establishing next-generation data framework for consumer-driven healthcare, wearable, IoT, and Bots
  • Evaluating blockchain readiness and roadmap

We offer highly differentiated, world-class SSF capabilities served in an expertly-compelling, budget-conscious manner from SSF design to implementation and production.

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